Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday resulted in an exciting new addition to our home:

And although, re-reading that sentence it sounds like I brought home a child or something, I assure you--it's just an ibook. However, for me-that's very exciting.

My office had some extra computers in the office and my bosses decided to auction them off. They're all good computers, just the nature of our company requires pretty wicked computers.

Except for my job. Damnit. I work on a standard issue PC so it's compatible with our database and accounting software.

My co-workers are always (I mean seriously-it's constant) telling me how much I need a Mac, it's like I'm living the Mac commercial 5 days a week. So I think there was some pity non-bidding in order for me to win the one auction I bid on. As a result, I got this beaut for $75. Not bad eh?

I think once we figure it out and transfer everything over from our home computer (which honestly won't be difficult, it's so crappy I never even use it), it'll REALLY make a difference in the office. I don't even have a photo of it I'm so ashamed of that space, so this March pic is the closest thing to seeing the office area I'm willing to publish for now:

I just can't wait to get that clunker of a monitor and that clunker of a tower outta there.

But...there's always a but, except in the case of hubs' non-existent backside, but we won't talk about that. But...I'm not very fluent in mac. Or laptops for that matter. I can handle the basics but I was trying to connect the ibook to our wireless internet (thank goodness for planning ahead) and I couldn't get it. Plus, I do everything in Word, Excel, Paint, Picasa and MS Office Picture Manager, so how am I going to survive without any of them?

What I really need is for someone to pimp my ibook for me. When you spend your life on a PC and then move to a mac, it's harder than you'd think.

Does anyone have any tips, ideas or links that could help me figure this stuff out. Or any tips on how to get the MS-esque software mentioned above?

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