Friday, May 1, 2009

Hyper Homemaker

While reading through (read: obsessing over) Bower Power archives, I came across this totally fantastic blog...The Hyper Homemaker. I clicked over to it as I usually do when a blog I love talks about a blog they love. Most of the time, I judge the book by its cover and hit back. Sometimes though, I save a blog to my favourites to go back to when I'm bored some (every) day.

So I saved this one to favourites, and sure enough, I found myself with little to do late this morning. Then...I saw this post! Don't be surprised if the link doesn't work...the post was that she was closing the blog and deleting it after the weekend was through! Gasp!

So I've now been neurotically reading the blog and trying to save and memorize all of her wonderful hostessing, cleaning, organizing, planning and overall Martha-ing tips. Frankly, I don't know how this woman sleeps.

So if you're reading this and it's anytime prior to Monday May 4th, go to the blog. Read the blog. Memorize the blog. If not, Katie also has another blog, Good Things Catered which she says will keep going.

I don't know why I keep going to the blogs of these amazing, energetic woman...they just make me feel inferior, yet somehow don't discourage me. In fact, quite the opposite. I've since added a couple items to my May goals. (Hey! It's only May 1st...I can add until midnight's the official rules!)

So added to my May goals:
8. Sign up for Michael's cake decorating classes
9. Incorporate HH's cleaning schedule
10. Send a card to all friends and family who has a birthday this month (Egads---why start with May??? There's 6 birthdays + Mother's Day. Oh well-go big or go home, right?)
11. Clean the blasted car. It's nasty people.
12. Go running at least 2x per week.

How about you? Any May goals you want to share? Or any fantabulous sites or blogs?


  1. Hi!
    I was so bummed to find out she closed down her blog. I have been out of town and just found out today. Did you possibly save anything from her blog that could be emailed?? I am so sad that I didn't have a chance to copy down anything from her blog.

  2. I know, right?! Other than her INTENSE cleaning chart, I managed to copy & paste a couple hostessing lists I can send over. The rest I'm hoping to have absorbed well enough.