Thursday, May 21, 2009

C'est fini

I know, I know...all I can talk about is the dresser. You're probably wondering how many posts I can really make about one dresser. And to that I say---you'd be surprised! I can talk about very little for a very long time.

But she's all done!

As you can see, I went a pretty safe route for the drawer knobs. I did this for several reasons

  1. It was much easier that sourcing an interesting and prettier knob
  2. It was much cheaper than many others at just $1.99 each
  3. I'm safe
  4. I'd like this dresser to have the option to be used for different things in the future and this seems like the most efficient choice.

I really like the mac tack inside the drawers though. It's such a small thing and only the people/person using the dresser would even know it existed, but it makes me happy whenever I open the drawers (that and the literal tonnes of craft supplies now living in them). At just $1 per roll from Dollarama, it's a no brainer, and I may consider using it on other pieces for sure.

Unfortunately the front edge is a wee bit scratched. This is because we were moving it into the closet in the office and rather than take 5 seconds to plan it beforehand, my husband went with his default remedy--brute force. So he tried to force it in between the closet door and wall scratching both the dresser and the wall. Hon-I love ya, but sometimes you need to let me think about these things before going ahead. Either way-it's nothing a little touch up can't fix.

I can't wait to finish organizing the office and my excessive supplies! (Wow--that sounds completely lame, although no less true).

You likey?

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