Friday, May 22, 2009

Best. Cleaning Tip. Ever

Are you ready for it?



Invite people over.

I know, I know-it's genius and no one's ever thought of or realized it before, but I tell ya---it's THE best way to get your house clean. Especially if those people are your aunts, parents friends or partners family.

We've been attempting HH's cleaning schedule per our May goals, and frankly I'm glad I used the term "attempt" in the goal list because it is Intense (capital I intended). However, after a weekend of camping in frost-warning weather this past weekend, we really haven't done squat cleaning wise other than kinda-sorta-maybe tidying after ourselves. If that. So...when I got a call at 9:00 Wednesday night letting me know the plans for my moms birthday dinner tonight, I started to panic. OK-panic's a strong word, by my mind started racing thinking about what needed to be done.

You see, my mom's favourite restaurant is about 2K from our new house. Pretty close and our house is very much on everyone's way home from the restaurant. Also-my parents friends are quite outspoken and made it clear last week (when I popped in to say hello and drop off an Octagon of Coors Light for my sis-thank you Gatineau Costco!) that they want an invite to see our house.

See where I'm going?

So now, although nothing's official-I'm almost certain that we'll all be heading back to our place after dinner. Hell, I think I'm going to pick up a cake on the way home and just say we should go back there after dinner. I think it'll just make it easier on everyone.

So I got home from volleyball last night and cleaned like a mad woman. Surprisingly---I got it all done and it was easier than I expected. No less tiring, but now I can head home tonight and not have to scramble to get the last minute stuff done. Sa-weet. I'm definitely going to further adapt the chore chart and make it manageable though to prevent further clean attacks.

But...maybe I should re-consider my social homebody status and invite people over more often.

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