Tuesday, May 12, 2009


OK, so technically this isn't a post anything to do with our setting up home. But then again, technically it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Here's the connection: My brother and his girlfriend are currentlly in the exciting process of setting up their very own first home, which closed on March 15, 2009. Both animal lovers, and now with the opportunity of making their home that much homier, they adopted 2 bebe kittens yesterday! So CUTE! (note: kittens is pronounced khai-tins. Trust me).

They're from the Smiths Falls rescue network, the very same network my husband adopted our very own Layla from about 5 years ago. If there's a relation, it's not evident.

Without further ado, and in the absence of names chosen, I give you....Boy Cat and Girl Cat:

Girl Cat:

Boy Cat:

The 2 main things to mention, are that 1-they're almost identical. The only difference is that boy cat it slightly more puffy. I think he's a medium hair where girl cat is a short hair. Otherwise---the same. And 2-they're so flippin' energetic it's crazy. I forgot what it was like to have a kitten, and I've never had 2 at the same time. So most of the photos are blurry because they don't pose like sweet little cats, and if they're not blurry-it's luck.

Here they are sniffing & playing with some toys Max & Layla sent over:

And playing with a standard stick with tassles. What is it with cats and sticks?

And boy cat taking a break after that crazy flying leap he just took:
And here's a shot of them with my bro, mainly for our older sister, who's living abroad to meet the fam: (boy cat in arms, girl cat balancing precariously on shoulders) And this one because it's funny. Boy cat was finding his voice and I accidentally left the flash on, giving the pic a distinctly insane feline feeling to it.

They're super sweet and finally when I was leaving, they were getting tuckered out so were a bit more cuddly. They're about 3 months old and each weigh about 3 lbs (Although poor girl cat had a bit of that weight coming out both ends, so she could very possibly have lost a third of her body weight).

Congrats guys--and good luck with that ivory carpet ;)

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