Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I want Chronicles-Outdoor Living Version

Just like SO many other folks around here, I've been thinking a lot about our future backyard, our front & side yard, our porch, gardening, etc. Basically everything that involves getting outside.

In that spirit, my current Pier 1 & BouClair inspired wish list for outdoor living:

I still really would love some armchairs like this to go with our comfy seat cushions for some lounging:

And this cute little bird house is, well, cute:

As is this glass hummingbird feeder that's a couple steps up from those plastic red ones you usually see (and they eat up all those nasty mosquitoes--perf):

I know, I know---stop it with the owls, but this garden statue is one I could definitely handle (although I've seen it in store and it's about a zillion tonnes, so technically I might have to get hubs to handle it):

Or stick this in one of the big planters:

And you can't be outside without some bevvies, which would be a little safer and coordinated in these acrylic pitchers and cups:

And some snackaroos served in these rattan-ish baskets, trays and charging plates:

And of course you need a little more light, bug deterers and ambiance. Enter these oil lanterns,
And for some fun colour, these ones too:

Obviously these aren't all necessarily for me or our place, I just really like them.
What's on your outdoor living wishlist?

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