Monday, May 11, 2009

100 Days

Yesterday was simultaneously 3 things:

1) Mother's Day-love you mom!
2) My 4 year anniversary of working at my current job (crazy!)
3) The 100th day we've lived in our new home.

Has it really only been 100 days?

To commemorate 100 days, I was going to make a post about my 100 Favourite Things about our new home. However, as I got going, it started becoming a little too "I love lamp" for me.

So instead, I cut it in half, and here are my 50 favourite things about our new house after 101 days in:
  1. Our garage. The simplest things really do make a difference.
  2. The door opener that makes the garage that much more awesome.
  3. Having a porch!
  4. Eating outside and enjoying a good amount of privacy doing so.
  5. BBQ!!! (the condo corporation at our last place vetoed it)
  6. Our hardwood that hubs and I installed together.
  7. Having a real bonified entrance where there's room for more than 1 slim person only
  8. The ability to walk right into the house with groceries-no stairs!
  9. Having windows in the kitchen. It makes everything in there so much more pleasant.
  10. Basement!!!
  11. Our deep freeze with loads of meat.
  12. Our ginormous closet
  13. Upstairs laundry!
  14. Our large dining room that will one day soon have more than 4 people eating in it I hope.
  15. The challenges that we get to overcome to make this space ours. (Yes-really, it keeps it interesting)
  16. Our backyard to be
  17. Max & Layla seeing me off in the mornings from the dining room window seat. And sometimes coming home to them waiting for us there.
  18. The room to actually get totally ready in the ensuite. And having everything in there.
  19. Separate shower & bathtub. No more thoughts of dirty feet where I'll be soaking.
  20. Having a full spare bathroom. (Which I'm sure guests appreciate as well)
  21. Storage, storage, storage!
  22. My family can visit! No more instant allergic reactions to our cats thanks to the hardwood.
  23. Walking distance to the Scotiabank Place. No more DD's required if we don't want.
  24. All the walking trails and actual space around us.
  25. We don't share a wall with anyone else.
  26. (Hopefully) the future ROI after all our hard work
  27. The fireplace I painted on a whim
  28. Having a space I can decorate as 'My Room'
  29. Our beauticious washer and dryer. They really are all they're cracked up to be.
  30. Watching Layla enjoy the washer & dryer even more than I do
  31. Learning to garden and the future opportunities to actual do it.
  32. No painting! It was all painted beige when we moved in (don't fret, it's not pink as my recent photos seem to indicate)
  33. Our party-sized ensuite shower.
  34. Our much nicer, bigger & more realistic fireplace.
  35. The upgraded banister. SO worth the few bucks to change it.
  36. Having an exercise room. I can actually do yoga without hearing sportsnet blasting.
  37. Same token-not being able to hear every single noise throughout the entire house.
  38. The space Max & Layla now have to run around. They've still got their little ponches, but they're shrinking, I tell ya.
  39. Our kitchen appliances (though not the fingerprints)
  40. I have a real baking cupboard. A whole one. Not 1/2 of 1 shelf.
  41. The 'D' by our front door.
  42. Super close to Sobey's (Can I have a grocery store gush? Is that weird?)
  43. Proximity to church, so when I wake up 15 minutes before mass (as I did yesterday and almost every week before that) I can still squeeze in before it starts.
  44. Max and Layla can go outside and enjoy it with a decent amount of privacy and safety. (And they do--I woke up this morning to Layla whining at the front door to get out. Hmmm, maybe I should rethink this favourite)
  45. How close we are to some of our closest friends and that we can just stumble home from each others houses after an impromptu TGIF
  46. The opportunity to keep & share all my ideas here
  47. The construction lessons I've learned to date, and those I hope I'll continue to learn.
  48. Our street address
  49. Our bedroom is definitely big enough that I don't have to scale the wall Mission Impossible-style around the bed to my side.
  50. It's where we'll start our family.

I seriously cannot believe it's only been 100 days!

P.S. I love lamp. :)

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  1. do you actually love lamp? or are you just looking at things and saying that you love them?