Monday, May 11, 2009

Storing my bling

Since tonight is our bedroom cleaning day for May Goal # 10 and I need to do something about my jewellry situation anyways, I thought I'd start planning and working on organizing my jewels. Not that I have an expansive collection, most hail from Dynamite, Claire's, Smart Set, etc but hey! They're still my jewels.

So I decided to look at the options available to me so I don't do something and then change it 6 times in the next week.

Here are some of the ideas I've liked/idolized (in zero order):
Bower Power (photo compliments of TYH thanks to a closet crash I can't wait to read about):
Sherry's from TYH:
And John's sisters, which I think is my favourite for how I organize.
Apartment Therapy ice cube trays:
Apartment Therapy hanging knobs:Apartment Therapy display board:Do It Yourself Mag cutlery tray:Bryn Alexandra's board:
Mrs. Boatman board:
Ikea Komplement:
Curbly storage:A lot of those boards are really pretty, and great ideas in theory. However, I know I won't make use of them. I'm more of a "piler" kind of organizer when it comes to jewellry. With my current jewellry box it's sometimes even too cumbersome for me to open the lid and drop the earrings into it. A time commitment of approximately 1 millisecond.
My current system:
  • 1 jewellry box on my dresser: top compartment has 3 smaller compartments and a section with the padded ring sections. No brainer-the rings go there. The 3 compartments are for earrings. 1 drawer at the bottom of it is for necklaces, chains and pendants. All lumped into the same drawer. I've tried to have sections, but they inevitably merge after approximately 2 days.
  • 2 bins in my closet:
    1 is for bracelets
    1 is for more costume-y necklaces.
Results: after this very thorough, albeit impromptu scientific analysis, I think I should just go and buy some 3M hooks and stick 'em inside the closet. Then hang my necklaces by "type" on the hooks and that will have to do for now until hubs and I re-do the closet. Then...I think the most ideal solution for me would definitely take after this one:

Which, I believe also hails from Ikea and coordinates with the Pax system. It's perfecto. It's science.
There are definitely some fantastic ideas out there though---anything I missed that I should consider before I begin undertaking this expensive $5 organization system?

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