Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting crafty with it

While on Imperfect today, I was inspired by a wall art idea that checks off a lot of items on the list:
  • Personal? Check!
  • Visually Interesting? Check!
  • Versatile? Check!
  • Cheap-o-rama? Check!

So here are a few ways on how you can make your own piece of art that can be special, pretty, can remind you regularly of a special trip, not to mention it refuses to let you keep that box in the back of your closet that contains a whack of mementos you never look at. Oh come on! Admit it-we've all got at least one.

Here's a couple from the Aaron Brothers website:

Vacation Keepsakes Anniversary Memories
And a couple from John & Sherry at This Young House:

Pin Board of where you've been:

Keepsake jars of places you've been:

Great ideas, non?

Big sis---this one's for you. You and Big Red must be drooling over the possibilities!

How about you? Any ideas on how to incorporate such fun, personal memories into your home? Please share...our home is sadly still a blank canvas right now.

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