Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awesome Floorplan

How fantastic is this floorplan?

No, we're not thinking of moving quite yet---we're just getting settled!

But...I always keep my options open and I'm definitely always looking for ideas and inspiration.

For our next place, the wish list includes:
  • Space: at least 1/2 acre
  • 4 bedrooms + space for office (den or loft area)
  • 2 car garage minimum
  • Kitchen with breakfast area
  • Separate dining room
  • Open concept (or capability to be made open concept)
  • Space for hubs to have a studio (can be created in basement)

That's the basics. Almost anything else we could tackle ourselves I think. I'm sure this list will change in the next few years as our needs change too, but for now--this floorplan fits the bill and then some!

My favourite aspects:

  • 4 bedrooms PLUS a den (love!) PLUS a loft space
  • huge kitchen with lots of space for a breakfast table or banquette
  • pantry space in kitchen!!!
  • family room, dining room AND living room all with sufficient distance between so you're not washing the supper dishes practically on top of the table while serving desert
  • Sunken family room (this is one of hubs' favourite things)
  • Large foyer with 2-door entrance
  • Open to below/above area over family room
  • Upstairs laundry

Things that could be changed/adapted:

  • Change garage door to 1 double-door rather than 2 single doors
  • Open to below/above railing changed to half wall
  • Definitely more windows in the living room
  • Possibly some tweaks to the orientation of the master bdrm, closet, ensuite & opening (I don't know if I could go from our current closet back to a smaller's greedy, but true)

Anyways, our next place will probably be an older home with a bit of work to do, so this is all for naught. But it's definitely fun to think about it.

PS-If anyone knows what I need to do to allow people to click on the image to enlarge it, please let me know.

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