Friday, May 29, 2009

The I Want Chronicles: Ikea Edition

I'm back with another wish list...this time all from Ikea. Gosh I'm a greedy little bugger, aren't I?

After creating this post, I realize it may have been easier to make a list of what I don't want from Ikea. But I suppose my list isn't that bad. That's their thing, right? Appealing to the masses and having loads of stuff for everyone to like?

Anyway, what started out as researching a couple things we actually kind of 'need' (area rug, window coverings) turned into a free for all, and here's the results.

1. Kajsa panel drapes
2. Unknown ones I've seen several places and would love
3. Egeby Sisal rug...not sure of size though
4. Lack Shelves to go above buffet
5. Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
6. Gustav Desk with Shelf Unit as a console table in our entrance OR
7. Gustav Desk for the same purpose. With or without shelf unit? Hmm...
8. Markor Glass Door Cabinet
9. Komplement Storage with Compartments
10. Sortera Bins with Lid
11. Alve Storage Bench
1. Regolit Floor Lamp
2. Samtid Floor Lamp
3. Rutbo Floor Lamp (I also like the Rutbo Pendant)
4. Knubbig Table Lamp
5. Arstid Wall Lamp (but with a different shade)

1. Hastveda Wicker Armchair
2. Mynta Hanging Planter
3. Sockerart Jug Vase
4. Billig Plant Pots
5. Bladet Plant Pot Set
6. Farm Bud Vases
7. Blomster Bud Vases
8. Mynta Plant Pot

Phew! Darn Ikea-I forgot how much stuff you had. And this is an EDITED list!

Have a nice weekend!

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