Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty Pendants

After drooling over one too many pendant lights, here are some of my faves:
Pendants 1
Pendants 1 by Alray98 on

1. Dahlia Pendant
2. Knotted Rattan Pendant
3. Bronze Pendant
4. Small White Pendant
5. Ikea Rutbo Pendant
6. Black Mumm Silk Pendant

Pendants 2
Pendants 2 by Alray98 on

1. Kimono Silk Pendant
2. 2-Tier Round Pendant
3. Stripe Rendant
4. Silver Baroque Pendant
5. Ventura Square Pendant

I'm thinking of a simple one for the family room, and either the exact same, or a fun one for the dining room.

I'd love to use the Dahlia pendant from board 1 in the dining room, but it's only 10" high x 13.5" wide and the room is 10'4" by 17'6". According to Style at Home, a chandelier should have the diameter of 2 x the width of the room, but converted to inches. i.e. the width of the room is 10'4", so the diameter of the lighting fixture should be (10.3 x 2) or 20" at a minumum. That's a big friggin light fixture!

I wonder how hard it would be to create your own. Buy the hardware and then use some sort of paper crafting to create the shade? Maybe that's too ghetto for such a big dining room....who knows.

Any ideas?

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