Monday, June 1, 2009

May Goals: Judgement Day

May's over already, so I guess I should take a look at how I did on my May goals.

  1. Organize kitchen Partially Completed
    I have about 2/3 done
  2. Learn to/begin sewing draperies Completed
    Draperies aren't, but i've started the learning process...and damnit that's good enough for me
  3. Make a meal plan for each week Partially Completed
    The 4-day week after camping was a write off, every other week we were good about this one though
  4. Each week, try 1 new recipe/dish Completed
    Thanks to some help from hubs
  5. Have a real date night with hubs Completed
    I'm definitely making this a monthly goal
  6. Strip & repaint dresser from the 'rents Completed
    Done and I love it
  7. Keep plants alive Partially Completed
    The plants I meant are surprisingly resilient and are still alive. Unfortunately, one of our cedar trees has pretty much bitten the dust.
  8. Send cards for every birthday (6 + mother's day) Completed
    What a month to begin this goal! 8 birthday cards and 4 mother's day cards all hand made and mailed or given with a gift.
  9. Sign up for Michael's cake decorating classes Completed
    My younger sister and my brother's gf will also be doing level 1 with August! I guess it's pretty popular-that was the first month with openings.
  10. Incorporate HH's cleaning schedule Completed...albeit unwillingly
    I've since adapted it further because, well we're just 2 people and there's no way we're messy/dirty/clean-freak enough to clean every square inch of our house every week. It does make weekends so much better though since I don't have to spend Saturday morning cleaning for a few hours.
  11. Clean nasty car Completed
    Barely. Did it this past Saturday.
  12. Go running at least 2x per week Completed

Overall, I'm pretty pleased I did so well. When I made them I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult, but a month's actually a pretty long time to get stuff done. And I'm definitely a lazy procrastinator, so having this list of goals gets my bootay in gear to get stuff done.

How'd you do on your goals? Or am I a weirdo for having them?

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