Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have to admit-I'm pretty sheltered when it comes to critters. Seeing them in real life, hearing about them, anything. I've always lived in Suburbia and camping and cottages haven't really been that rustic. The occasional skunk, raccoon, deer and excessive squirrels and chipmunks have pretty much been the extent of it.

Yesterday on my drive home, I was about a block from home and saw what I thought was some rodent walking down the sidewalk---very obedient of traffic decorum I have to say. As I got closer I realized it was a pretty large turtle. Neat!

I know they're not uncommon or exotic by any means, but you just don't see them that often. So I drive home and dragged (a very reluctant) hubs to see it with me. Turns out-turtles aren't always that slow as he'd made some pretty good progress.

Anyways, this story shouldn't be as long as it is, but hubs kinda freaked out when he saw it-apparently a snapper turtle and a male and one hubs wasn't getting within about 5 feet from. Hehe---sissy.

Naturally, I immediately took a few pics (both of which make him look MUCH larger than he was. I'd say in reality the size of a large (current day, western, thus large) dinner plate.

Unfortunately though, the direction Franklin was motoring was towards the road, so after my wimpy husband fled the scene, I spent the next few minutes nudging the turtle with my foot so he'd turn around and start heading back towards the swampy area. Franklin did not enjoy this and 'snapped' a couple times. I use brackets because it's not scary at all, just suddenAnd that was the most exciting thing about my Wednesday. Wow-that's quite sad isn't it? Don't answer that.

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