Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Herb-ie Hancock

The herbs are planted. Hubs was surprisingly opinionated about how they should be planted, so Saturday morning I picked up a couple options I liked.

6 small white pots from Ikea for a whopping $0.99 each.
1 large turquise planter from HomeSense for a whopping $24.99.

Here's hubs choice:
Smart boy! And he said he didn't want them indoors-heh.

So now they're resting happily in our kitchen window and I can grab them whenever a cooking or mojito emergency requires.

My herbs of choice?
Spearmint (seriously smells delish)

They didn't have Rosemary, which would be another herb of choice, so I'll have to find that somewhere else and invest another loonie into a 7th pot.

Now to just get Max and Layla to stop sneaking up there and eating the chives while we're at work. Cute little troublemakers!

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