Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting there....

So yesterday morning, while making my lunch and looking out the kitchen windows, there were strange men in my backyard. They had machines and tools. And they were getting our lawn ready for SOD!!!!! Woo Hoo.

So despite the weirdness, I knew I'd come home to at least some progress. Anything's better than what it was.

I came home to this: (and a crushed recycle bin they 'didn't see'):

Front 'Lawn':
More Front 'Lawn' and straightened walkway stones:
Layla approves, while Max is still deciding. Also--told you I kept my plants alive!
And the itty bitty space between our house and our neighbours: (Thanks goodness for the space on the other side!
And the door from our kitchen:
Which temporarily served as a fridge/freezer on closing day and used to look like this:

I'm so excited about the possibility (albeit slim) that we could have a lawn by the weekend! I was greeted this morning by the same strage dudes outside the kitchen this morning, so here's hoping!!!

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