Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Not Worthy...

I know I've been posting fairly intermittently. But I'm not sorry.

The reason? There are some flipping creative and crafty people out there! Many of whom have blogs; blogs that I've been devouring over the last several days and feeling incredibly inadequate although inspired at the same time.

I posted last month about my obsession with Make it and Love it. And not to take anything away from Ashley, because she's totally uber talented and great, but I have to spread the creative crafty obsession.

First, I came across U Create (I'm not entirely sure how, but I believe via Imperfect), which is a collection of the best of the best of a slew of Crafty McCraftersons. All in one place! This is a great, but if you follow the links, you get absurd (ly fantastic) amounts of ideas, inspiration and tips, tricks and doses of inferiority.

I have to apologize because I didn't save where I got the ideas from (sacrilege I know) and I never did very well in English class, so I'm not crediting them as I should, but here's just a dose of some of the images I've saved:

And that's not even a drop in the bucket.

Where do these people come up with this stuff? Am I missing a gene or something where people see things as they should be and the ability to completely transform it?

Anyways, I won't do a whole post about each and every Crafty chicka out there, because my 'favourites' folder has pretty much quadrupled in size and is growing by the day, so here's several of the more recent ones I've added in case you're interested. (Oh-and I added a UCreate button on the sidebar for easy access)

Crap I've Made (love the title)
Kwerner Design (jackpot for card inspiration...they put my June cards to SHAME!)
The Tipsy Hostess (another great title, and oh-so-me)
OK, re-reading, this is like a name-dropping orgy, but you'll thank me.
All 2 people who've ever read this blog will anyways.
Stay crafty my friends. (Dos Equis? Anyone?)

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