Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Goals: Judgement Day

I know I technically have another 12 hours or so, but tomorrow's Canada Day and tonight's my sisters birfday party, so nothing's going to get done in that time.

Here's how the June goals went down,

  1. Organize Garage Completed
  2. Learn to sew a straight line Completed! YAY!
  3. Make a meal plan each week Partially Completed. This week we didn't because it's such a wonky un-schedule-able week
  4. Each week, try 1 new recipe Completed
  5. Have a real date night with hubs Completed
  6. Fill the empty frames in the hallway frame series: Yep, it's been 2 months and those 2 spots are still empty Partially Completed. I filled 1 of the 2 spots.
  7. Keep plants alive Completed!
  8. Send cards for every birthday: A much easier month. Looks like only 1 birthday and then father's day Completed (well, with tonight's card anyways)
  9. Organize recipes into binder Completed!
  10. Take more pictures. Not just of my house, but of life. Partially Completed. Life wasn't very exciting this month. I took pics of a golf tournament, my family's first Tim Tam experience and hubs at work, so I guess it's getting there.
  11. Buy, lease or steal a new car Partially completed. Couldn't find a good deal, so put a few bucks into fixing up hubs car to buy us a bit more time.
  12. Go running at least 2x per week: Except this time, at least one of them has to be 5K or more Partially Completed. This fell off the radar after father's day-before that I was killing it.
  13. Run the father's day run for prostate cancer 10K in an hour or less Failed, but 1 hr 3 min isn't too far off.
  14. Get camera fixed Completed! (Except as of yesterday it's being wonky again...damnit!)
  15. Make or Buy window coverings for family room Failed

Overall a month that started with great intentions but summer brain kicked in near the end a bit I think.

Going forward, I'm going to limit myself to 10 goals a month, and a couple of them will be regulars.


    I am totally a list person too, I have to do list for everday things as well as monthly goals.
    My hubhy and I just started doing the weekly meal planner but having random and unexpected out of town guest for practically 2 weeks straight killed that dream, oh well.. this month is a new month!

    I think I might steal this idea for having monthly goals and actually posting them, it makes me feel like I HAVE to accomplish them then becuase somewhere out there someone might be reading. I guess its sort of an accountability thing???

    Anyway, keep up the good work, your one of my fav blogs!

  2. Oh totally! I pretty much only put it here for the accountability-I'd never do any of it if it were just for me :)

    Summer's always a hard time for schedules, but if I try, I'm ok with it.

    Thanks Mrs,