Monday, June 1, 2009

June Goals

Without Further Adieu, my June goals. It's a long list, I may be getting carried away with this whole concept:
  1. Organize Garage: We have a 2 car garage and no cars can fit in it
  2. Learn to sew a straight line: Don't laugh-try it...just see how hard it is
  3. Make a meal plan each week
  4. Each week, try 1 new recipe
  5. Have a real date night with hubs
  6. Fill the empty frames in the hallway frame series: Yep, it's been 2 months and those 2 spots are still empty
  7. Keep plants alive
  8. Send cards for every birthday: A much easier month. Looks like only 1 birthday and then father's day
  9. Organize recipes into binder: I have one, but I also have a dozen magazines dog-eared, so I'd like to cut them out or copy them so everything's in one place
  10. Take more pictures. Not just of my house, but of life.
  11. Buy, lease or steal a new car: We're borrowing my sister's who comes home at the end of the month, so we have until then to get a new car for hubs
  12. Go running at least 2x per week: Except this time, at least one of them has to be 5K or more
  13. Run the father's day run for prostate cancer 10K in an hour or less
  14. Get camera fixed: I'm sick of it and it makes it look like my walls are pink. They're not-I promise!
  15. Make or Buy window coverings for family room: Because it's about darn time.

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