Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salle de Bain

Let me introduce you to our rarely seen (rarely used) main bathroom.

I was cleaning it yesterday and realized that other than the attempt and eventual success in hanging some art in there, I've never posted this room. And now that my camera works and doesn't make my walls look pink, I figured I'd snap a few contortionist while trying to remain out of mirror reflection pics. (Although admittedly, they're still not the greatest)

Enter at your own's hubs' 'private' bathroom when there aren't guests ;)

Same cabinets as the rest of the house, just a more grey-toned countertop:

The beauty (and problem) with fake flowers; my sister commented during the house tour we gave my parents friends that the towels and flowers were all the same ones as when she stayed with us. Of course the towels had been cleaned more than once, but the flowers...maybe I need to think about changing up the scenery every now and again:
Our beautiful window coverings put up at the last minute so my sister would be able to use it in peace when she was staying. We really need to do something about that:
And the throne with plenty of designy and gossipy mags to read:
Now get outta here:

Plain and simple, but that's all it needs to be.

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