Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monthly Visitor

Heh heh---not to worry, I'm not one to discuss that monthly visitor. This is one I hugely look forward to each month and not in a I'm a flooze kind of way either.

Enough of that---I got my latest issue of Canada's Style at Home magazine in the mail yesterday! Woo Hoo! It's the August issue, which is kind of absurd since it's only JUNE 24, but lemme tell ya--it's a good one!

(I suppose it bears mentioning that if you think anyone from Style at Home knows anything about me or this post, you're crazy. I just love it and want to share the greatness with my 1 and only reader)

I think it might be my favourite issue yet and I'm trying not to finish it all at once so it lasts until the next issue arrives. So last night I just flipped through it and pretty much every page I stopped at-crap.

There's a cute feature on thrifty, although no less thoughtful, hostess gifts specifically aimed at cottage visitors:

This one's a cute gardening themed gift.
And these ones include a puzzle & game fits, a nice jam set, a pet-centric gift, a bbq-ers dream gift and even a s'mores gift set-yum!
The 'We Love It' feature (where editors pick their faves for that months category) is all about monograms, which is so trendy right now, and obviously, I'm a fan for myself and for gifts:
Admittedly, this months High-Low feature isn't one of my faves (you can check out some fabulous ones here), but I always love picking which aspects are my favourite and realizing that sometimes the less expensive things (although still out of my budget) are ones I prefer over the mucho dinero options:
The Decorator's Notebook feature is all about dressing patio doors, and features some great inspiration pics:
And there's a great Table Style feature showcasing several ideas for a green and white table setting (such a great summery combo):
And, of course, the cover story, which features an amazing PEI home (there's also a great feature on another cottage, but at a certain point I was photographing and posting every single page, so I had to pick my faves):
Isn't it amazing? Just look at that kitchen! And the mud room/entrance! I can't wait until next month when they post these stories to their site so I can save several of the higher-res images to my inspiration folder):
And the large dinind area that features exposed beams and a harvested custom-made super-large table:
And the bedrooms and bathroom are equally as inspiration-worthy with a built-in bookcase and great beadboard:
There's also a feature on sheers, which contrary to my design un-saavy boss who's currently decorating his dream home, are NOT out of style. Quite the opposite, in fact:
And yet another great home featured with fantastic design and personal touches:

And, hello! A feature all about ice cream! Talk about speaking to your readers!
And....just when you think you're done-they give you a teaser for next months issue (September already? Egads!)...Organizing & Kitchens! I'm had a bit of sensory overload with that one. Look at that banquette with a built-in drawer---come on! And I have to wait another month?
Anyways, I've gushed enough, but if you're in Canada (I don't know if it's in every province, but it says Canada, so I presume so), I strongly urge you to pick this one up---it's a keeper.
If not, the website has so many ideas and inspiration too, it's a huge problem for my work productivity, but great for me :)
Enjoy---I know I will.

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  1. Thank you for the great inspiration pics! I looooove them! I really like the high/low feature. I have never seen that before. I wish they had a magazine that does that in the US. I am definitely saving some pics for my own inspiration folder. I love the black and white room, that is like my bedroom. And I am totally doing Green and white in my dining room! That made my day! :)