Thursday, June 18, 2009

Say what?

Remember when I mentioned the forecast for the next 2 weeks when I was glad it could water our brank spankin' new sod?

Yeah, well. Yesterday's 14-day forecast called for 14 days of unclouded sun. Quite a turnaround.

Then this morning I checked again, and it's calling for this:
Yeah, about as reliable as celebrity bump watch.

Fortunately though, this forecast bodes much better for non-sod related activities. Which, despite my last post, I do have several of.
Saturday: Charity Car Wash & bro's open house
Sunday: Father's Day and the 10K run I'm attempting
Monday: Golf Tournament
Tuesday: Sis & BIL come home from living in the Caribbean (although not dependent on weather)
next Saturday: Outdoor anniversary party at my Oma's
30th & 2nd: Canada Day baby! Festivities always involve outdoor bbqs.

I'm much happier to have a high water bill that shitty and cancelled activities.

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