Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green with Envy

I came home yesterday to find this pile or crapola on my lawn:

I can't believe that they'd go and dump their trash on a corner lot-a busy corner lot where lots of people drive by all the time.

But...just a second. What's that I see in the pile of trash? Wait. What? You mean? Could it be?

Yep--there's sod in there baby!

They didn't quite complete the entire front lawn, but they got most of it and they made damn good time too. No one on our side of the street/block had any indication of a lawn yesterday morning, but last night?

Sprinklers galore! Granted it's not as lush or nicely green as our backyard neighbours whose lawns are at least a year old, but it'll get there. And with a forecast starting Thursday of 10 days straight of rain, I think if anything it'll drown in all the water. So in a couple weeks it should be nice and perty.

The rain is interfering with countless other activities that benefit from nice weather that I really shouldn't dwell on for the sake of my sanity, so instead I'll look at the bright side of it.

And did you see those 2 hanging planters 2 pics up? These ones here:

We got home from car shopping on Saturday and they were sitting on our lawn. So strange. But several neighbours had the same thing and I vaguely remember the builder mentioning something about a flower day or something like that, so I'm sure they just dropped off the leftovers to anyone who didn't make it. And let me tell you, they were leftovers! Especially the one up on the table, I spent about 40 minutes dead-heading, pruning, cleaning up, replanting, etc to make it even as nice as it is now. I'm sure it'll improve though. (Right?)

I'm using these plants as an example: Because when I planted them they looked like this:
Check me out!

(Although you'll also notice that one of our cedars is kaput. The other one's doing great, so I won't take all the blame. But I will replant the good one somewhere in the actual ground)

Anyways, all that to say that the rest of the lawn should be done today or tomorrow!!!! Weeee-so excited.

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