Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Other Framing Project

As I mentioned briefly in my last frame-mishap post, I was photo framing-fiend this week.

So far *knock on wood* however, this one has stood up a little better.

We're still missing 2 photos (the black & white sections). 1 because I'm lazy and haven't printed it yet and the other because it's surprising how few portrait layout photos there are that are frame-worthy. I have roughly a kazillion landscape layout shots I'd love to put there, but no more portrait ones. Oh well, the generic happy family of 4 frolicking in a field will be on display for another few days.

I was going to keep all the photos black & white or sepia-esque but thought this was more interesting. Sometimes chaotic colour just works.
Also-the 4-photo frame on the right is our "house" frame.
1st photo-our 1st wedding anniversary visiting the construction site of our now-current home
2nd photo-family photo (hubs, me, Max & Layla) our last night in our first home
3rd photo-hubs and I wasted off a bottle of champagne on same last night in our first home
4th photo-hubs and I in process of getting wasted off another bottle of champagne on first night in our new home.

Lame? Possibly. Although these 4 photos are some of the worst photos of us I've seen in a while, we agreed that it would be a nice thing to put up regardless.

But more importantly, there's something else on the walls! Our house is finally getting decorated!!!

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