Thursday, April 9, 2009

Live and Learn

Remember last week I was considering art options for our main bathroom? Well, I finally decided on a few prints and when hubs and I went to Dollarama Friday night, we picked up a few frames:

We picked up 5 of these ones (hubs' choice) and 5 of a white frame (my choice). For the bargain basement price of $1.25 each, we could afford to be a little impulsive with our decision.

These ones were planned for the powder room, and once we narrowed down the images, and managed to finagle them into the frames, they looked fantastic. A few problems though:

1-there was nothing to hang the pictures from
2-the finagling of glass results in several cuts on your fingers if you're clumsy like me
3-centering the images on 2 glass panels that then need to be teeter-tottered into a frame is incredibly difficult.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Regardless, we decided that some heavy duty double-sided tape should do the trick. We tried one and couldn't pull it off with a moderate amount of force, so went ahead and hung them all in the same way. We both loved the way they looked.

So I went back to another (more high-profile) framing project. Not 15 minutes later...CRASH.


So we went and picked up the pieces while trying to keep away curious felines. We tested the others and they still seemed very secure, so we went back to what we were doing.

5 minutes later...CRASH.

Double damnit!

At this point, we took a hint and took the remaining 3 down and they pulled up a bit of paint, but we were left with this:
So last night I coughed up another $2.50 for 2 new frames and this weekend we'll have to MacGyver some kind of way to hang them a little bit more firmly.

There's been too much broken glass in our house this week.

Take note: Heavy duty double-sided tape...not as heavy duty as you'd think.

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