Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncharted Territory

Perhaps you know that we have 2 children cats.

Perhaps you know that they are beautiful little sissies who are afraid of things even a mouse wouldn't blink at.

Perhaps what you don't know is that Layla turned 5 on Saturday. Five! Yowza...I can't imagine how fast the time flies for parents of human children!

In that spirit, I thought I'd share some pictures of the cats being more than typically adventurous on our (paved, fenced,protected) front porch. They ventured out there a few weeks ago while hubs and I were enjoying a mild spring day.

Here's the little 5 year old up on the pillar:
Ain't she perty?
And here she is rubbing it in her brothers face that she's hands down the Jack be Nimble of the family.
And when all that discovering got tiring, here she is chillaxing in the toasty lap of hubs. While her brother did some exploring of his own
Ho ho, and this one because it's just way too funny

They're not quite as scared of the (paved, fenced,protected) front porch now and venture out there every once in a while if we're out there and leave the door open a crack for them. Until a car drives past, a dog barks, hubs or I stand up or move our chair, or pretty much anything happens. Lawd, they're cute.

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