Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'My Room'

Originally Posted: January 14, 2009
So, in our new house (hopefully ours in 16 days!!!) we have significantly more space than at our current house. Because of this fact, we can have a bit more fun with the spaces. We have 2 spare bedrooms, one of which I've declared as 'My room'. NB and I obviously share our actual bedroom, but this one I get to furnish, decorate and make my own. Basically, I can make it as girly as I want and NB can't bitch about it. Yay!

For a visual, here the 3rd floor floorplan:
Naturally, the room I get to have fun with is the circled room.

As a result of my recent fascination with all things 'home', I've been thinking about this room a lot and getting really excited about it.

There are a few purposes that this room has to fulfill, the primary one being a spare bedroom, the second, and more everyday purpose, is a computer workspace and my craft room.

Here are a couple inspiration photos that I've saved over the last little while. Each one has an element or two that I'd like to incorporate, not necessarily the whole room:

Most of our house is very warm, with dark hardwood, dark brown leather couches, warm colours and what not, so I wanted this space to be different. To be calm and cool. Here is an inspiration page I've created in Polyvore a la This Young House for some pieces/ideas I really like

Spare Bedroom
Spare Bedroom - by Alray98 on

Some other ideas I'd like to incorporate are:

Wall Decal:
On the wall opposite the closet (the left wall in the above pic), I'd like to put some sort of wall decal. Very tone-on-tone and neutral, maybe a cherry blossom tree, or other nature inspired image:
Frame Wall:
On the closet wall (the right wall in above pic), I'd like to make a frame wall of several frames of different items-some pictures, some treasures, some shadow boxes, etc:

(This idea is shamelessly stolen from This Young House and Ramblings of a Renovating Couple. I got the idea from RoRC about a year ago and then I saw it done in all white frames on TYH and I was sold.)

Some other ideas without idea boards are:
  • The dresser on the room board is going to be placed inside the closet as storage for the multitude of craft junk. Overnight guests don't really need a closet at all, and this frees up some floorspace.
  • The shelves above the workspace are going to be 2 floating shelves and on the bottom one, NB's going to install some valance lighting for me for a cool effect and additional lighting.
  • Clocks. I'd like to have a couple of the exact same clock set to different world times. Nothing crazy, but maybe 3 clocks with Ottawa, Australia and another time zone. Kind of like this:

I hope I'm not running in a million directions just because I actually have "artistic" license in a whole room in our house. I'm excited to have all of these ideas, but I don't want it to complicate the room or make it at all busy. Thankfully (or unfortunately more acurately) we've got a limited budget to keep me in check. Because of this fact, I'll only be able to do it little bits at a time, so I'll be able to evaluate as I go and hopefully be impartial enough to make it a space I'll eventually love. If not, none of it's really permanent anyways.

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