Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whirlpool has a fan

This is our laundry room (pardon the clutter):

In it, the Whirlpool duet sport washer and dryer. I like them enough-they fit a lot, look pretty and do a good job. However, Layla, one of our cats...she loooves them.

The first time I did laundry with these machines, I couldn't stop laughing. Both cats are very affectionate and follow us around the house no matter where we go. Layla especially. So when I went to do the laundry, I had a couple spectators. Watching from the doorway, they watched me load the washer. Max lost interest and walked away. I turned the washer on and Layla went all Pointer Dog on me. Her eyes practically popped out of her little head and she stood, motionless like that for a good 20 minutes.

It was hilarious. And it was adorable.

So I left and let her get used to it. It was a new environment and a new sound and sight, so I figured she'd need to get comfortable with it.

I've done roughly 20 loads of laundry with these machines and she's still captivated by them.

This was last night:

She's not as shocked by them anymore, so doesn't stand at red alert, but she does sit there and watch it go. It's like laundry television. Or feline television.

Whichever it is, it's pretty cute and it makes laundry a bit less of a chore.

(Edited to switch Maytag to Whirlpool. Whatever-it's all the same stuff!)

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