Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flooring Done!

Originally Posted: February 17, 2009

Shize--what a weekend!

It's done. It was almost literally back-breaking work. And I loooove it!

Hubs managed to get the whole dining room done by himself on Friday:
It looks fantastic and was great to come home to Friday night, despite the lack of lighting in the room. It was a great room to start with because it's just a huge rectangle, so not much is required in the way of MacGyver-ing pieces to fit.

Side note: MacGyver was definitely the word of the weekend. It was used a lot.

Saturday morning we awoke to my MIL knocking on our door at 8 am. Perfect-but it was a much needed incentive to get our asses up and get moving on the main living space floors.

So we ripped carpet up, hauled it downstairs and I was on the receiving end of a couple of bruises caused by too-small doorways reacting with my lack of ability helping move 200 sq ft of carpet without being completely klutzy. Perfect timing for our sun vacation next week when said bruises will be on full display. Ah well.

Anyways, as proof I did help:

And I'm telling ya-I was a regular Bob Villa this weekend! I was a maniac with that nailer thing. The saws, I'm sad to say were a bit too intimidating other than a few pieces with NB supervising closely. He'd love to be able to say I did a whack of the cutting, etc, but in reality, I was a chicken shit. Everything else though, I was right in there. Tearing vinyl flooring, stapling, nailing, ripping subfloor.

The linoleum was a biatch to rip up and overall, for the family room and kitchen it took us 3 full days to finish. But it's awesome! I feel so old and adult-y caring so much about flooring, but it is what it is.

And contrary to my beliefs of last weekend, NB and I worked fantastic together. He had a few flip outs when his MacGyver-ing was producing more wasted pieces than results, but I let him teach them sailors a few things and eventually he was back singing and joking around. Between that, and the 2 concerts we went to, it was a great weekend.

I was too tired & hungover yesterday to remember to take an after shot, but here are a few more of us in action:

Hubs on Day 1:
Hubs working his magic with the saw:
Hubs working behind the fridge. That was a biatch of a job too...a waterline, a subfloor combined with a small space do not make for efficient work:
Next week's vacation will be very, very welcome! 4 more sleeps!!!

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