Monday, April 20, 2009

Les Arbres

Several weeks ago, we purchased some planter boxes from HomeSense: Hubs picked them out. They're alright.

For Easter, I put him through a scavenger hunt to find his gifts: some BBQ tools and a 3-D GC for 2 plants of his choice for these planters.

His choice: cedar trees.

So after sourcing a few places and noticing that the planters are fairly small and cedar trees come in fairly large plastic containers, we finally found some at Home Depot that fit. (Note to self: if you know what plants you're going to use in pots, measure them before buying the planters.)

They were much cheaper than I expected, only $19.99 each...score! So we picked up two of them yesterday and here they are:

They caught me off guard the first time I saw them from inside though. Those windows are normally empty, and seeing the shadows in them make me jump a little. They offer a nice little pseudo-window covering, which is nice.

Also, one day last week, the painters came and painted both our garage door and our door trim, which looks SOO much better now.

We really need some colour in there. I think I'd like to do some window boxes or some hanging plants or smaller planters on the stairs or something like that. I'm so inexperienced with gardening and plants in general though, I have no idea.

I need help...any tips??

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