Friday, April 17, 2009

Charging Station

For the last few months or so, I've had the following still outstanding on 'To Do' list:
  • Find or make charging station

Finally last night, hubs and I drew up a few ideas on what we wanted it to look like and what it needs to do. The primary purpose, obviously, is to hold a power bar and several power cords for our various electronic devices: 2 cell phones for hubs, 1 cell phone for me, and 1 ipod charger (and we'll alternate who needs charging). In order to cut down on clutter though, I thought it would be nice to use this station as a place to store mail and pens and what not since that's where they end up anyways.

Here are a few retail versions that gave me the idea of a charging station (and that such a thing even existed):

Pottery Barn:, a while back I was at Home Sense and saw several desk organizers and thought to myself that it couldn't be too hard to tweak it and drill some holes to turn it into a custom charging station.

Then...last week, I came across the Ikea Hacker blog and saw this:
Which, frankly is pure genius and perfect!

So meld all those ideas together along with our specific needs and here are our respective designs:

Here's my ideas, which I had to transplant into paint because I'm terrible at drawing what I mean with any sort of spacial reasoning:
And here's hubs' scanned design, because he's pretty much good at everything and must have been an architect in another life or something:

So my self-appointed project (although--who else cares enough to appoint it?) for the weekend is the charging station.

Any tips or other ideas before I impulsively start cutting and drilling?

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