Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favourite Young House Love Mood Boards

In the absence of anything to report, comment on or show from our house, I thought I'd post some of my favourite Young House Love custom mood boards in an effort to re-inspire myself.

I've said many-a-time how much I like this site, and that's only increasing. They had this awesome organization post earlier this week that was fantastic and makes me want to go home and organize everything! Then I get home and all I want to do is nothing. It's a problem.

However...John and Sherry don't seem to ever stop, so here are some of my favourites (in no particular order):

Stacie's YHL Mood Board:
and solved:
I especially love the floor lamp, super glamorous side table and chair.

Beth's YHL Mood Board:
LOVE that water poster, the paisley pillow and that awesome coffee table.

Chantal's Canadian YHL Mood Board:
Mostly I'm biased towards this one because Chantal's Canadian. But I also like the chandelier, which I used myself several months ago when making my own inspiration board for the spare bedroom in polyvore.

Trudi's YHL Mood Board:
I want that pendant chandelier. Seriously, I love it.

Courtney's YHL Mood Board:
Lydia's YHL Mood Board:
This one's just fun. I really like the side table (as discussed in my Dear Target letter here

Lindsay's YHL Mood Board:
I also LOVE, love, love this pendant chandelier! Hmmm--I wonder how many places I can put pendant chandeliers without it looking ridiculous. And with a husband who's an electrician and loves his pot lights???

Alice's YHL Mood Board:

My favourites on this board are the drapes as well as the fabric swatch up in the top left corner.

Megan & Drew's YHL Mood Board:
I love the pussy willow Ikea print in this one. I've actually gone looking for it before, but our local store hasn't had it for several months (at least when I've been there), and I've used it on my own inspiration collages as well.

Sarah's Second YHL Mood Board:

's YHL Mood Board:
Another fantastic pendant light. I also really like those ladder shelves. I never have before, but in the last several months I really like them.

Eryn's YHL Mood Board:
The pendant and the umbrella stand...a great room.

Emily's YHL Mood Board:
Love the night stand, although I'm imagining several other uses for it than a night stand.

Michele's YHL Mood Board:
Another ladder shelf and those great burnt orange glass vases, as well as the rope-y round pendant lights.

Paul's YHL Mood Board:
My favourite thing on this board is definitely the art.

Leslie's YHL Mood Board:

I love the rug, the sconce, the pendant, the desk and the orchid. Pretty much everything.

Liz's YHL Mood Board:
Perhaps I'm particular to this one because it boasts the same coffee table as our home.

Emily's YHL Mood Board:

Lindsey's YHL Mood Board:

What an awesome coffee table! The rug, art and pillows also make this one a favourite.

Believe it or not, I was actually fairly selective in my choices and there were many that I didn't choose as a favourite. They're all really nice, just not necessarily to my taste. And they seem to be getting better and better.

I have to say I've actually been considering a custom mood board of my own for any number of rooms: family room, dining room or master bedroom in particular. I'd really like to do it myself though and can't really justify spending money (however little or worthy) on getting one done.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy these ones. Or swoon, as YHL might say.

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  1. Hey Alicia,

    Thanks so much for the link love (and the sweet email about it)! We're psyched that you're loving our mood boards and we're waiting with bated breath for some after pictures to show you. Fingers crossed they're just around the corner...

    Sherry (& John)