Friday, April 24, 2009

Outdoor Living

This weekend's forecast is calling for some pretty fantastic weather around these parts. With that in mind, I think I may do some outdoor work this weekend.

Unfortunately for us, that's very limited to our front porch. With no sod, no paved driveway and really nothing nice outside beyond our front porch YET, we're forced to focus our attention there.

Fortunately, though, with the Better Homes & Garden & Home Depot contest having occupied 2 of my favourite bloggers (This Young House and Making it Lovely) for the past couple weeks, I've been thinking more about it. PLUS-today's the big reveal day so I was able to cruise their transformations as well as the other participants cool projects.
Here are a couple reminders of the (semi) current state of our use-able outdoor space:

So I may just embark on my very own scaled down version of the BHG 48-hour challenge. (And very possibly extend it beyond 48-hours in typical me fashion)

I'm mentally preparing myself for the thousands of other Ottawa-ians who will be doing that very same thing this weekend, so I don't freak out about the crowds. Maybe hitting up a couple places tonight will make for an earlier start and more efficient (and sane) weekend.

My general thoughts for phase 1 (it's a very official course of action) of the front porch include:
  • 2-person bistro table for casual dinners for hubs and I
  • comfy arm chairs with bright cushions for nice lounging
  • lanterns and candles all over the place
  • a couple hanging plants
  • some potted plants in colourful pots along the stairs.

I picked up some chair cushions in a fabric similar to this last weekend,

which would look just fabulous on two of these: Which hail from Ikea and are just $69.99 each.

And while looking for the chair, I also came across these great finds from our Swedish friends:

Which, when Polyvorized with some accessories, looks a little something like this:

Outdoor reno version 1
Outdoor reno version 1 by Alray98 on

What d'ya think?

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