Monday, April 6, 2009


We have blinds people!!!!

Oh it's wonderful: we FINALLY bit the bullet and got some window coverings!

We've ordered blinds a couple weeks ago from Sears for our ensuite window. Kind of as a trial for future blinds because it's a catalogue order and I like to see what I'm buying. Unfortunately they screwed up and the order got lost or something. So I cancelled it last week and said I'd find it somewhere else. Beat it Sears.

Enter Bou Clair Home.

If you haven't been to Bou Clair since it because a home store rather than a fabric store, go there now. It's fantastic. Plus, now they cut blinds in store and are having a great sale on ready-to-hang drapes and 2" slat blinds. Parfait!
So hubs and I were running errands Saturday and stopped in.

Here's our front entrance doors Saturday morning:
And then Saturday afternoon during prime glare time:

Although it looks like the blinds are quite see-through, I assure you (becuase we tried) you have to be nose-pressed to the window and squinting to even see silhouette's.

And Saturday evening while my sister was visiting:

They already make the house seem so much cozier and it's so nice not to have our front door open for viewing.

For $19.99 each, and according to hubs: incredibly easy to install, these are a fantastic purchase.

The best part is that we finally made some decisions and will probably go and purchase a few more windows worth of coverings this week...woo hoo!

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