Monday, April 27, 2009


You may have noticed a couple minor changes to my blog. Or maybe you haven't because only one person other than my husband read this blog and she just returned from Puerto Rico and has more exciting things to think about.

However...while reading through one of my new favourite blogs, Bower Power, I realized that there must be some way that all of these other people are able to format their blogs.

You see what I did there? I embedded the link into the actual words! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So I went to work trying to figure this out. I'm pretty decent with technology and this shouldn't be so hard. Thanks to the help feature I figured out the 2 things that were bothering me most about my blog:

1-That the spacing was unreliable and, well, crap. Apparently a little 'Edit HTML' and a little '<>' combined with the much more efficient Preview feature made this problem go away!
(note: I couldn't actually use the real code or it wouldn't show up. Just take away the 1st and 3rd spaces and you're a Crunchwrap supreme)

2-That I'd have to copy and paste the entire link if I wanted to allow linkage to it. I knew it was possible to embed a link (is embed the right word? I have no idea but it sounds really good), and I'd done it in chat rooms (ok, one, and it was Weddingbells). But how do people know these things if they're not a web designer???

Anyways, a mere highlighting of the word you want to embed to (seriously I can't stop saying it), pressing ctrl+shift+a and then pasting the link...and you're done.

I'm so happy I did a little happy dance in my chair a few times this afternoon. My co-workers wouldn't understand the excitement--they ARE web designers.

Here's hoping my posts are now a little easier to read!

Note: In case you didn't get it, the slogan for the Crunchwrap Supreme is Good to Go. I was having too much fun with my new tricks, sorry.

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