Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flower Art

It's been a fairly slow "home" week this week. More important things have come up and it's just basically been busy.

Fortunately, I've usually got some free time each day at work to do some reconnaissance.

While cleaning the main (spare) bathroom last week, hubs and I were discussing how to decorate it. There's already some lavender hand towels and bath mat in there, and the shower curtain is beige with some grey and white stripes at the bottom. He pretty much agrees with whatever I like for rooms like this one (not main rooms) so it makes it pretty easy. Here's the floorplan:
He did have some opinions though and our thoughts for this room include:

On the top wall pictured, some sort of wall decal. I know I seem to have a weird fascination with these, but it just makes sense in some places. Here, it would allow the wall to have some interest without putting anything away from the wall where the door could hit or knock it. Something like this:
Where some branches could extend to the door wall and the mirror wall just a little bit. I originally wanted something a bit more swirly, and hubd wanted a bare tree, so this is the compromise. Of course, pay no attention to the wall and decal colour in the picture though.

Along the right wall pictured (wall with door), there's also a towel rack across from the shower. On this wall, we both agree that we'd like photographs framed in black frames and probably white mats, depending on what images we decide on. I said that I'd look up some nice flower pictures and have found the following ones that I really like

We could either do some white orchids on a white background:

Some coloured flowers on a white background:

We could also do plain white orchids on a black background:

Or coloured white orchids on a black background:

Or different kinds of white flowers on a black background:

While I think all the white & black simplicity is gorgeous, it might be a little boring. The beauty of printing out pictures at home, of course, is that we can print new ones whenever we want if we get tired of something.

Anyways, other ideas include:

A couple floating shelves on the wall to the left of the vanity (between sink & tub) where we can display some things and keep practical things for guests to use.

And finally, in the corner around the toilet, more of the series of framed photographs over the back, and possibly some sort of small, simple storage shelf/cabinet across from it for guests to keep anything they might need to keep there.

It's a start.

What do you think? Too boring? Too busy? Too anything?

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