Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everything Easter

With Easter just around the corner and a long weekend (where I can have a bevvie come Sunday!) looming, I thought I'd post the (very few) seasonal touches we do in our house.

This is the only Easter-specific decoration in our house. The wreath is a gift from my MIL (who is a holiday a good way) and the candle is a gift with purchase from PartyLite. I wouldn't typically put such a pastel and spring-y candle anywhere, but this seemed to fit just right. Instead of hanging the wreath, I propped it up on a cake tray and popped the candle in the middle. Voila! Insta-decoration. And since it's just on our family room coffee table, I think it's festive without being over-the-top.

Last night, with not a whole lot to do that appealed to me and no TV to watch, I began making my Easter cards. I used to make cards like it was my mission, but actually haven't busted out the craft stuff once since moving into our new place. Anyways, I got to it last night while listening to a book on tape (yep-really) and here's the progress so far:

Also, here's the recipe I'm going to be making to gift my loved ones with some delicious Easter treats :

Don't those look delicious?

And finally, one Friday afternoon a few weeks ago, I made up this Easter board. I'm not a "tea party" kind of person, or even a pastel person, but I don't mind it and occupied my mind for a little while one Friday afternoon:

Easter Party
Easter Party by Alray98 on

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy lots of treats and QT with friends and family!

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