Monday, April 20, 2009

Project Hiccup

First of all, the charging station is still on my to do list. My project wasn't completed as planned. Boo!

I stopped in to Ikea on my way home Friday, and despite leaving with a full cart, they no longer carry the desk organizer I was going to use (Mackis). So I would have to find another solution and wasn't able to get started on Friday night.

Saturday afternoon and evening we were dog-sitting my in-laws adorable lab at their place so, again, weren't able to work on it.

I know-excuses, excuses.

However...Saturday morning I picked this up from HomeSense:

And the required supplies from HD yesterday afternoon. So tonight the plan is to get the building part done and start the painting (antique white).

We'll be attaching a, well, attachment to the bottom of the organizer to house the power bar and bulky parts of the chargers. Then drilling holes in the 2 holders on the right for the charging cords to pull through to keep the cell phones all pretty-like.

I hope it works...this project has so much build up, it's crazy.

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