Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yep-there was an explosion at my house on Friday night.

Fortunately no one was hurt and it wasn't the kind of explosion that really damages everything. Mostly I said it for effect.

Hubs and I were in the basement painting when we heard a HUGE crash. We were both stunned and shocked and ran up the stairs expecting a rock or brick through a window.

We get upstairs and in the kitchen, there's the entire area full of semi-transparent glass-like shards all over the floor. In our shocked state, we had no idea what it was...

*Did the ice machine go crazy and spill ice all over the floor?
*Did the ice machine break and all those shards are ice and plastic machinery?
*Did a window get broken? A quick glance at surrounding windows confirmed it was NOT a window.

Seriously, we were stupidly slow figuring this all out.

Finally hubs looked up and saw this:Bare bulbs in place of our standard builder-grade boob light.

The light fixture had either exploded or the screw cap came loose and it all came tubling after.

In our haste to clean up the mess and avoid feline or even human injuries, I didn't take a photo of the mess. However, I did take a photo of one of the pans of remnants:
As well as the damage (which does not photograph well) to our hardwood floor:

This could have been extremely dangerous. Fortunately the only thing damaged in the process was a dent in the hardwood and several scratches, both of which can be more or less superficially corrected. (And a couple cuts on hubs and I for pieces caught in the hardwood grooves).

What if it was the boob light in our family room? Located directly over a glass top coffee table?

What if it shattered when Max or Layla (our cats) were at their feeding station right beside the light?

What if we were standing there?

What if, what if, what if?

I feel as though we really lucked out and our builder should be on the hook for something other than just a new fixture. Am I wrong???

Anyways, we took the photos and are planning to address it with the builder asap. Not to mention put on the gas for replacing those shit fixtures with pot lights and fixtures of our own choosing and hubs' own installation abilities.

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