Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dining Room

I've been playing around with colour schemes for our dining room and I think I found one I like.

I know you're supposed to pick the paint last...yeah yeah, find a fabric and work from there. But this isn't for paint, it's based on the current colour of the room as well as some pieces that are or will be in there.

Dinind Room Colour Scheme
Dinind Room Colour Scheme by Alray98 on Polyvore.com

That's what I have so far.

The taupe is more or less the current colour in the room.

The dark brown is the floor and dining furniture we currently own and are definitely staying.

The red is an armchair that will likely get relocated here for a sitting area/living room area.

Then the blue and white/cream I thought lightened the other colours up well while still "going". I'm not sure of a designer jargon to call it other than they "go" very well I think and I like all the colours in that space.

What do you think?

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