Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here's a quick idea board I've made up for our family room:

Family Room
Family Room by Alray98 on

It's, of course, one of the most used rooms in our house, the first one you see when you walk in and open to the kitchen. So, together, they're definitely the "hub" as they say.

I'm very stuck when it comes to the design of this room. I'm way over-thinking it and, honestly, I'm a bit fed up with it. So, I thought I'd leave it for a while and play around on Polyvore for a while to see if anything comes together.

Art work for the walls is what has me most stuck. I'm kind of waiting for that to fall into place before I do too much more. (That and my very NOT unlimited bank account. Hello double negative!). I've been searching etsy though and some local artists. And one very, VERY local artist in particular-my husband. Yep--he's artistic to boot. Nice, huh? So he's very interested in taking something on to see what happens, but with all the other projects, not to mention working everyday, it's on the back burner

In the meantime--let me know what you think about this idea board. I predict many more to come.

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