Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crown Royal

A surprise transformation is taking place at our house right now, and I love it.

Hubs was given free reign to some extra crown moulding from his constructon site and is taking FULL advantage of it. We've always have dreams of having crown moulding, but they were future dreams and weren't planned for a few years.

He started last week with the powder room. I don't really have a before shot because the room's too small to get far back enough to see the ceiling, but here it is after it's been installed, caulked and painted:

The powder room is the only spot that's actually finished, but he made some great progress last night on getting a whack of it up:

Wall above powder room before:

Wall of powder room glamified:

Here's a shot looking out of the dining room into the front entrance post-install:

And my handyman working on that very same section:

And finally, here's our post. It's kind of the trial area for all of hubs' trimming ways, so it was the first main area he installed the crown on:
Doesn't it make it look so lush? And for the price of the little ruler thingy that measures angles, in these parts, we call that a bargoon.

It makes going home so exciting--I never know what I'm going to find.

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