Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Big Move

Originally Posted: February 4, 2009

Ahhh---time (however minimal) really does put things into perspective.

Now that it's been a couple days since the stressful move, it really doesn't seem that bad. It was a long day, sure, but I knew it would be.

Thursday night was a fantastic last night in our first home. After a lot of heavy lifting and some help from our friend, S as well as my brother, we filled a whole 17' Uhaul and still had a bunch to pack in another vehicle. Hubs and I got a lot done, then stopped ourselves at about 11 and popped some Presidente champagne. (I'd kept 2 champagne glasses unpacked for this very reason). We spent the next hour polishing off the bottle and remembering our favourite memories in the house as well as some of our worst ones. We also talked about our hopes for the next house--this was after 3/4 of a bottle so some of them were pretty funny in hindsight. Oh-and we snapped a couple family photos amidst the remnant stuff.

I was up at 4:00 on moving day(shockingly with zero hangover), simply because I was so anxious and knew that a lot still had to get done. So I got up and started attacking whatever was left that I could. At 7 we left for the lawyer's office where I was confronted with a couple errors on the part of the bank, insurance broker and builder. Idiots. Spent the next hour calling and leaving voicemails and enjoying some brekkie with hubs and my dad. Then, for some reason we felt rushed and cleaned the whole house spotless with the help of my dad and my MIL. Snapped a couple cheesy pics in our now-empty house and said good riddance.

We spent the next couple hours homeless while waiting for everything to be all official-like. The sale was delayed by the purchaser and the purchase was delayed by the builder and my bank. Super stressful!!!

Finally got the keys around 5:30pm Friday night and had loads of help unloading everything. (all the while a tiler was completing the super shower tiles?!?!) Finally stopped ourselves around 11 again and popped another bottle. This time we didn't manage to finish the whole bottle since we were both complete zombies. We snapped a few 'end of day 1' pics though and managed to nail a couple blankets on the windows of our (ginormous) master bedroom. Afterall, there were painters coming at 7 the next morning as well as a LOT of work ahead of us, so we hit the hay.

And here are some of those aforementioned 'End of Day 1' pics:

Here's our kitchen (sans appliances, of course, as well as a couple cabinet doors):

Here's the wall of boxes separating the kitchen from the family room (Gulp!):

Here's our temporary champagne fridge until the appliances arrived:

Part of our family room:

Our dining room, which is clearly serving as a catch all for boxes, bins and furniture:
One wall of our master Bedroom. The door to the left is our ensuite:
We have a basement!!!!!!!!! Here's the main part of it:
(exciting, huh?)

And more importantly, and so far my favourite part of the new house....we have a garage!!!!

So much to do, but I love it so much and I know NB feels the same way, so it's hard to complain too much.

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