Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Current Obsessions: YHL & HGTV

Originally Posted: January 9, 2009 (although still very very true)

No, seriously. I know it sounds all fuddy duddy to be so obsessed with home stuff, but I seriously am.

Between the progress on our new house, Young House Loveblog and HGTV's Sarah's House, I'm seriously obsessed with everything home-related. I'm finding myself using quasi-design speak and googling things like Parson's chairs, settees, and for the love of God, my husband and I are going to an antique show this weekend. An antique show!!! I realize that these shows, home shows and estate auctions and that are becoming more and more common amongst younger people, but there's still such a stigma in my head. I'm picturing Antiques Roadshow and a bunch of rednecks showing their wares. I'm sorry-that's just what I picture.

One thing I'm more and more sure of each day though, is that I don't want our house to be boring, predictable and catalogue-y. I want there to be pieces that have a story, that have a history, that have personality. I still want it to be nice and for sure I'll be hitting up Ikea numerous times in the next 2 months, but hubs and I both want a well-planned, personalized space too.

So, back to my specific obsessions:

Young House Love (formerly TYH) is a blog done by a young couple in the states who started it to track their kitchen renovation and have evolved it from there. They're really quite knowledgeable, and one half has actually made the blog her full time gig. (they offer consultations and products). Also, they've been featured on a couple shows, many other blogs and many more magazines. I think they are regular contributors for a few now in fact. Not to mention, they have the cutest little pup that appears in many of their pics.

One of my favourite things about this blog is that everything seems so very well thought out. When we bought our current house and moved in, we were like "we need a couch. I like this couch. Me too. Let's buy it". Ditto with the rest of the house. If we could afford it, and we liked it, we bought it. No more thought really went into it. These guys actually make "rooms", not walls with things. I mean, our house is nice, sure, but I think we can do much better in the new one.

HGTV, namely Sarah's House, seriously has me staying up late, avoiding other tasks and putting off other, more enjoyable things regularly. It's worrisome, until I see that hubs is pretty into it all too. While I like a lot of the stuff on HGTV, save Colin & Justin who I cannot stand, Sarah Richarsdon and Peter Falico (of Home to Stay and more recently, Home to Flip) are my standout faves. I really really enjoy seeing the process of all their decisions (glossed over, of course) from the start to finish. And it's crazy--I'm actually interested in fabrics. Like, I want to cruise around fabric stores and re-upholster everything I see. I really like her aesthetic and I love seeing where they source everything and the different ways to make things work in a particular space.

It's very strange and I feel like a dope admitting it because I can't say it without sounding like an absolute cheese, but it seriously is making me look at everything differently.

For example, we were at my Oma's for dinner on new year's day and even though I'd been to this house hundreds of times in my life, I was seriously noticing things I never have. Architectural details, how I'd flip the house, how you could update so very many of the features. And when I'm driving 10K for 2 hours in this ridiculous transit strike traffic, I'm looking at houses and actually noticing them-and how I would change them.

It's absurd, I know. And, seriously, it's not as lame as it sounds, but it really is a fascination...Hopefully once we're in the house (hopefully 3 weeks today!!! Egads!) it'll dwindle, but I kind of doubt that-I kind of think it'll increase if anything.

Oh yeah, this week, I bought an issue of Canadian House & Home! And I like it! And I want a subscription!!! I'm normally strictly a gossip mag girl and love reading celeb "stories" and looking and their hits and misses. Oh Lawd! What's happening to me!

I do NOT want to be one of those homebodies that absolutely obsess about their house though and it's all they talk about, so I'd better watch it.

Fortunately I've still got my teeny-bopper vampire romance novels (Twilight, which I obsessed about on my other blog) to divert my attention. Muuuuch better! :P

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