Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House Progress

Originally Posted: January 19, 2009

Amidst my wild and crazy partying weekend past, I stopped by our new house to check on the progress.

(Note: Judging from the massive amounts of missing snow, it's clear that the header pic isn't a current one. And thank goodness! Exterior siding is actually about 98% completed right now, so that's exciting, I just haven't taken a more recent pic)

We're supposed to close in 11 days (OMG-11 days!!!), and up until this weekend, I (and everyone we knew) were very skeptical about this happening. Preparations for storage had been made, lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance, utilities, appliance delivery, etc were all informed that we're not firm on our delivery/closing date.

Not to mention, our Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is scheduled for this coming Friday. At a PDI, the house has to be pretty much completed. A few paint touch ups, etc are the exception-everything else...gotta be done. So, the builder actually has 7 days less to get everything done, in theory.

But...I went this weekend and there was some wonderful progress!!!
Painted walls..check!
Window trim...check!
Shelves & Closet interiors...check!
Vinyl/Laminate flooring...check!
Ceramic tile...check!
Half wall & window seat capping...check!
Exterior columns...check!
Extreior Banisters...check!
Ceiling stipple...check! (Unfortunately..I'd love a smooth ceiling, but I'll take any ceiling at this point)
Street address...check! (This was particular exciting...we're 1 step closer to being on the map)

As encouraging as seeing that was, I know there's still a tonne to do to make this house live-able:
Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets
Kitchen & Bathroom countertops
Electrical finishings & fixtures
Plumbing finishings & fixtures
Stair Banister & Rail installation
Door Hardware installation
Closet sliding door installation
Garage drywall
Garage door installation
And probably loads other odds and ends

Hubs is very optimistic that it's possible. He works in residential construction, so I tend to take his word over my own skepticism, so I'm very very hopeful. We'll stop by tonight after dancing lexsons to see---if the cabinets were delivered & installed, then we are in fantastic form. If not...I may not sleep well tonight.

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