Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plumbing losing its intimidation

Have you ever dropped something down the drain? An earring backing, the earring itself, other little things like that? Well, I dropped one of my diamond rings down the kitchen drain last week. It wasn't one of my wedding rings, but it was a 5-year anniversary ring hubs got me a few years ago.

When it happened, I shrieked and my voice went up several octaves and speeds as I screamed to hubs what had just happened. Once his brain translated my panicked message, he sighed and came over into the kitchen.

He asked me to get a bucket, which I sprinted up the stairs to do, but it was too big. I got a tupperware bin instead, hubs put it under the sink under a plastic screw pipe. He undid the pipe, and a gush of water came out. In it-my ring!

Le sigh! :)

It was that easy. Then hubs had to screw the cap-thingy back on and ran the water a bit to make sure it wasn't leaking. Then I just had to wash the ring (NOT over the same drain-I'm not that dense) and wash the ick factor off my hands once I waded through the water.

So if it ever happens to you-don't freak out too much. It's fairly easy to take care of as long as you act right away.

Alternatively you could either not be as klutzy as me, or be proactive and buy a couple of these at Dollarama:
Lesson learned!

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