Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tarion 30 Day List

Today is our appointment to fix 30-day deficiencies by the builder.

Hubs has the afteernoon off in order to allow all the trades to get in there and get it done in one afternoon. Here's our list:

Incomplete Siding: a few finishing pieces aren't done and several of the pre-fab framing pieces aren't mitered (sp?), so that needs to be corrected otherwise it defeats the purpose of the pre-finishing and we'll have to repaint the framing pieces down the road.

Incomplete Trim: linked with above

Unpainted Door Frames: This was only because we closed in the dead of winter. It was too cold for them to paint the door frames, but we still needed to document it with Tarion.

Missing Window Screen: One of the windows in the master was missing the screen. The trade dropped it off last week though, so this point is met.

Missing screw covers on exterior doors: On our front doors and backyard door, the window frames are a lovely white, but every 4" or so, there's a metal screw hole that's not capped. It doesn't bother me, but it drives hubs crazy.

Basement leaks: Not hugely, just a couple drops here and there and likely a result of condensation in the pipes. However, it's a good idea for us to document it in this form anyways just in case it's a symptom of a bigger problem, or it results in a bigger problem down the road.

Banister gouges: Nothing's going to come of this, but it was a deficiency, so we noted it.

Kitchen cabinets incomplete: We're missing a cabinet door, a couple handles and a trim piece:

Main bath tub gouge: Very minimal and I'll be surprised if they end up doing anything besides patching it, but that's good enough.

Incomplete caulking around ensuite shower door: exactly that. Also, the drywall around the exterior of the shower is in rough shape and in need of a bit of repair. Hubs can easily do it, but might as well make them.

Missing bathroom fixtures throughout: We've purchased nicer ones than we'd get anyways, but thought we'd include it because I think they're full of crap when they say they don't include them.

Stereo not installed: This will be exciting. We have a 4-room speaker system where there's 2 speakers in each of the 4 rooms in the ceiling as well as a controlpad in each of the rooms. This allows us to play different music, surround sound, or radio in each of these 4 rooms dependent on if we're in them and what we choose. I'm super excited to have this completed, we just need them to hook up the control panels.

And that's it! All things considered, I think that's a pretty minimal list and that's a good thing. There are a couple other things we've found since then that hubs will need to make sure is given attention:

-Kitchen counter is coming off of the wall beside the backyard door.
-something else I can't remember right now.

So hopefully there are some fun changes when I get home later today!

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