Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shower Door has arrived

Alas, I no longer have to angle myself to avoid spillage in our doorless shower:
Actually, a few days after the original post, I gave in and bought one of those extendo-pole shower rods for $7 at Wal Mart for the master shower. We had a shower curtain, so I think it was worth the 7 bucks to shower comfortably for the 3 weeks until we got the door.

Last Wednesday night, hubs installed it and it looks great!

And from inside:
Hubs did a great job-everything's level and plum and all that stuff. The door itself is upside down though (label is upside down in the upper right hand corner), but it's hardly noticeable.

I was quite worried at first about the whole clear glass door thing. What is a guest or something unknowingly came through while I was showering. But Thursday morning my fears were put to rest-the door fogs up so quick the guest would have to be an idiot (or very smart and pervy) to catch me in there.

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