Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whoa! Fence Progress...

I'm very surprised! As I mentioned earlier this week when I posted about our fence posts being installed, I thought for sure the fence would be another many weeks until the sod was laid. I've been proven wrong.

On Tuesday, I had the afternoon off work to hang out with 2 of my very good friends from University, one of whom was visiting from the States. While the other local went to pick up her kids from daycare, L and I stopped by my house for a quick tour. This was around 4:00 and there were a couple guys out there seemingly getting ready to start the fence! I was very surprised, but pleasantly so. By the time I came home just before 6:00, it was done! It still need to be painted/stained and the hardware installed, but still...great work guys. L and I did try to sweet talk the workers, who seemed to take a fancy to us, by complimenting their (as yet unseen) work.

Here's what it looked like Friday afternoon:

And Tuesday afternoon:

Here are a couple other shots I snapped last night:
Our gate into the backyard:

Our gate and the fence to the neighbours backyard:
Our side fence in the backyard (and our A/C):

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