Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 more sleeps...

Originally Posted: January 28, 2009

2 more sleeps until we close 2 properties and move from our first home!

I can't believe it's already time, but it feels like torture that we still have to wait 48 hours + until we're in our new abode.

A couple stats to remind me the cost (both financial and otherwise) is so much more than worth it:

Current square footage: 1,496
New square footage: 1,900 (+ basement + garage)

Current Exterior Living Space: 2 porches each approx 4' x 6'
New Exterior Living Space: backyard, huge side yard AND a large front porch.

Current Basement: what's a basement?
Basement: ohhhh yeah!

Current Parking: 1 uncovered spot
New Parking: 2 car garage PLUS personal driveway

Current Entrance: approx 5' x 5' stone entryway leading directly to full-size staircase to main living area to get to coat closet.
New Entrance: Approx 10' x 8' on main level with coat closet and powder room beside.

kitchen cabinets: 10
kitchen cabinets: lucky 13

And many more intangibles to remind me it's worth the investment and sacrifice in the upcoming months.

Excuse me, I'm having a home-gasm.

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